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How To Use Titanium Backup App To Create Copy Of Of Your Data and Android Apps



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Do you want to create a backup copy of your apps and data apps on your Android device, the Titanium Backup application has the best performance. One of the most popular apps available, available for your Android mobile phone.

In this article, share the direct link to download Titanium Backup app on your Android device. Also participate in the application of this application and the application process. Well, this article in its entirety to quote all the details of this application.

Titanium Backup is one of the best apps for Android devices. You can save your tools and data applications to your Android device using this tool. With 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store, Titanium Backup is ideal for storing apps and games in your device. This Backup application works on Android devices. So you need root device to use this device by backup. But, the best part about the backup function is that you can not only get support with this function, but you can also change the application settings on the SD card, remove on your Android phone with this device.

What Are The Characteristics Of Titanium Backup

Step 1: Move applications to SD card: Using titanium backup application, you can move any application and application data to your SD card. This is one of the best backup features of this backup application that you have found on your Android device. When we install the application on an Android device, it is placed in the device file. In short, devices have no storage space when we install most applications on them. To solve this problem, you can use titanium backup application to transfer the application to the SD card of your device and transfer the work.

Step2: Application Backup and Application: You can save the device and application data of any application installed on the Android device using this backup tool. App data storage is a unique feature of this backup tool that you can use on your Android device. Data backup and application will protect you from losing important data on your Android device. After deleting a service or restoring your device to factory settings, you can restore it to the backup device. It’s easy to do.

Step3: Back Up Different Versions of App Features – With Titanium Backup, you can back up apps to your Android device. Sign up to get a copy of the app and get the best version of the app you need. Later, when an Android app has problems, you can replicate an old version of that app that has no issues and fix the issues. In this case, obtain a copy of the different components of your application and the qualitative potential of the restaurant’s CV as part of this application.

Step4: Customize your backup: You can also customize your backup to a specific time. When you set up a backup, you automatically get a backup of apps and data apps on your Android device. Backup systems work with cloud synchronization. So you don’t have to worry about backing up your Android device. Just like a time when you want a backup and the backup will be done automatically. But, in terms of cloud sync, you need an active internet connection to transfer the backup files to the cloud.

Step5: Free: Titanium Backup is a free tool. You can install and use this application without a penny. Even if you have a Premium or Pro version, all the functionality of this application is completely free. It will not cost a penny to use the basic functions of this application. It can be used for free without any problem.

How To Use Titanium
There are different types of applications available to communicate with Android phones and realize different applications. Include applications or tools to implement secure copy applications and games installed on your Android device. These applications are denominated respite applications. There are many useful applications available for Android applications. Titanium Backup is one of them. In this article, we use another application that you can use to respond to your applications, not the data of the application. Tinatium security copying can create a backup copy of your application with your data on your Android device.

The technology has evolved significantly in the last days. At one time, we were able to use our mobile phones to communicate with different people who were calling from around the world. An intelligent phone is one of the most popular mobile devices in these days. You can install different applications on your mobile phone to make different applications work. This is possible due to the compatibility with applications for mobile phones. There are many useful applications available on your mobile phone to communicate. This map has a video transmission, there are various applications available for mobile phones.

However, when it comes to mobile operating systems, we have only two options. The first is Apple’s iOS, which is Apple’s only operating system on the iPhone and iPad. But Android, which is the second and final operating system for Smartphone, is the open source operating system for all devices. Since Android is an open-source system, most mobile phone manufacturers prefer Android as the operating system for their devices. Android is the fastest and safest operating system for Smartphone. The best thing about this operating system is that you get thousands of apps and compatible games when you buy an Android device.

When opened, Android is more advanced than other operating systems. But because of this, Android devices are more expensive than iPhone. Therefore, it obviously has more users than any other operating system. Android has millions of users around the world who use Android mobile phones in their daily lives. It helps millions of people every day.

We can use our Android device to navigate using the map, listen to our favorite music with the music player app and use many apps But when it comes to alternative apps and games on your Android device, most of the users ignore it. However, keeping a home backup of an app installed on your device is just as important as keeping your device healthy. Let me tell you why it is important to save widgets on Android phones. When we install apps on our Android system, the data that we use in the app is stored in the app. So, while deleting or removing an application from your database, the application data is deleted.

Therefore, the next time you install the project, you will not be able to restore the data stored in the project The new version of Titanium Backup Application can be downloaded from the link below. Here is a link to download titanium application files on your Android device. The download list is free and is a small scan of your device. If the address link does not work, you can comment in the sections below, the link will be corrected. After downloading the apk, follow the installation process below to install the application quickly on your Android device.

How to install Titanium:

First of all, go to Settings> Security on your Android device and enable the “Install from unknown source” option from there. If you are using Android 7.0+ device, please allow your file manager to install external apk file. Download the Apk Backup Apk file from the link above. Open the file manager on your Android device and navigate to the “Downloads” folder. There you will find the apk file. Click on it to install it. Click “Install” to install the apk file on your Android device

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Best Android TV Launcher and its Uses



Photo Credit : APK Pure

The main screen of your TV screen is the status of your application, supported video, and menus. This is also known as commitment. Unfortunately, the use of social media by media has caused warnings from communities.


However, it is possible to replace the Android TV Launcher on your device. It’s easy to record other options in different menus, text, and more. With that in mind, take a look at the best Android TV Launcher to consider using.

1.TVHome Launcher:

If you have a Samsung TV or a TV running TizenOS or webOS, you know the TVHome release. So if you want to provide a beautiful TV experience, TvHome is one of the best TV shows you will ever see.

All your applications are displayed at the bottom of the screen in a small format. You can navigate through the menu by using the left and right buttons on your TV from the remote control. Backup images are customizable.

The TV Home plugin is also known for its minimal use of its operating system. If you have an inexpensive and box for Android TV, this launcher is the best for you  to use

 2. Simple TV Launcher:

This is another little bit of an Android TV launcher.

There are six openings on the main screen. Select an application that appears in space. If you want to access the full application, click the corresponding icon in the upper left corner.

In the lower right corner, you will see an icon that allows you to jump directly to the settings menu of your Android TV.

The simple TV interface is open source – you can find the source code on GitHub. If you have the time and knowledge, you can use the launcher yourself.

3. HALauncher: In the introduction, we said that the current version of Android TV has started many users. It is not as easy to use or as comfortable as the previous iteration.

Unfortunately, if you want to go back to the adult show, you are lucky. The HALauncher application is similar to the previous design; you will see your wealth one way and your rewards another.

HALauncher also has a bigger advantage than the official service: it supports applications connected to your home screen. That means you don’t have to use the standalone functionality to install apps on your Android TV.

Finally, like many other users on this list, HALauncher allows you to add your photos.

 4. UNICA’s Launcher TV:

UNICA’s Launcher TV has its design and visual effects, but that is not the main reason why you should install it

This launcher is worth a try if you are using a remote with a D-pad to control your Android TV box. UNICA TV has improved navigation with a D-pad.

You will see your Android TV application displayed in four columns. For easy navigation, you can add apps to the custom group. The forms can be accessed through the shortcuts at the bottom of the screen. There’s also an app section that is used to quickly access your favorites, as well as custom wallpapers.

UNICA TV Launcher is free for 14 days. However, after that, you must purchase a full license for dollars if you want to set up the unit and remove the faulty screen.


5. Top TV Launcher 2:

You want to get the most out of your Android home screen, we believe Top TV Launcher 2 is the best Android TV launcher for your needs.

It has a new shape; You can use it to place apps anywhere on the screen, as well as add widgets and tiles. You can create your tiles using the tile editor added or by adding an ICO file or image.

There is also the option to add multiple apps to one tile for a storage experience, support for PIN-protected apps, and wallpaper options.

6. Ugoos TV:

Ugoos TV is the most popular launch for Android TV. The UI refers to the removal from the regular Android TV viewer. On the left side of the screen, you will see a navigation tree that will allow you to access special categories (for instance, All Applications, Internet, Games, Options, etc.)

There are nine groups in total. All events that fall under the displayed group will appear on the right side of the screen to select an opening.

Ugoos TV offers nine different themes and supports customization data, customization icons, and customization templates.

7.  Android Tv launcher:

We ended up with an Android TV launcher from Google. Depending on the Android TV box you have, the Google presenter may not already be loaded.

There have been many complaints about the innovator from a design and utility perspective, but we know from experience that some industry innovators are worse off.

And besides, there is always something to be said about using Android in every way. This means that you can be sure that it will work as expected and is unlikely to fall.

How to change launcher on Android TV and which ones are the best

Similar to mobile phones and tablets, where anyone can organize their ideas by downloading apps, and Android TV lets you install those apps. They are not popular, but there is a better way than one. We show our preferences.

Having Android on TV lets you play the game right away to work on the big screen. And if you say Android uses Android TV by the best control, with compatibility with all apps. Special for deactivation: there is an option to remove the default view, resize the image and reuse it. Let’s see how we can fit them onto the highly recommended ones.

The steps to change the launcher on Android TV are as follows:

  1. Install a new launcher. For example, you can start by launching an ATV. Once the ATV launch is activated,
  2. Press the start button on the remote control. Android TV should ask you if you want to choose a new ATV launch or you want takes your device first.
  3. Select a replacement launcher and choose the Always choice. The software of your golem TV can amendment.

This is common for many individuals; however, it is not continuously straightforward – it appears like your app supplier does not permit you to use another device by default. during this case, you’ll strive the following:

  1. Go to your TV settings and visit Applications.
  2. Click See all applications and scroll all the way down to Show system applications.
  3. Find Android TV Home, visit the menu, and click on Remove Default Services. This eliminates the openings from the recent system.
  4. Press the house button and golem TV ought to show you the dialog to open the ATV launcher or the golem TV translation app.

What still cannot amendment the launcher? It’s time to urge into a sophisticated method that may harm your golem TV – you wish to get rid of the recent trainer from the system. To do this, perform the subsequent procedure, continuously leave one amongst the founders recommended:

If you are doing not have one, transfer the Official TV File Manager to your idiot box.

Make sure that you just golem TV and therefore the device that you downloaded the Apk files area unit connected to the current wireless local area network.

Open the file manager and click on  Transfer file to computer.

Click on the massive Power button and enter the universal resource locator within the browser of the device wherever you downloaded the Apks.

How to amendment the Launch on golem TV and Watch the highest four

Go to your TV’s recording folder (or the other one you want) and transfer the files.

Go back to your golem TV’s file manager, visit Internal storage, visit our Apks folder and insert them. you may got to acquire the installation from unknown sources.

Once you’ve got inserted the files, manually take away the default launcher from your TV. visit your settings, visit Device Preferences, visit data and click on Version range many times till the Developer choices area unit enabled.

Go to standing (in Information) and enter the information science address of your golem TV

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Photo Credit : Pixabay

We all know that free Android games these days don’t always pay off, but if you have a little patience, most of them are close by. Many bottles of jokes happen when players are impatient, and waiting for a game can overcome these problems. We have the best Android games. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. We hope you enjoy them. It is a symbol of fame, so the choices here will change when the good comes. If you like free Android games without purchasing in-app, we provide the link below. let’s get started.
There are so many great free Android games on the Google Play Store that it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for something new to play. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best games of any kind.


Mobile phone is the last game on this list. We usually do a bit of thinking to see how the game turns out, but this is popular and it’s good that we add it soon. The game features regular online fps just like any calling feature. However, it also includes 100 royale player modes similar to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. This puts it in the form of little FPS games that are as good as Critical Ops and actual Battle Royale as PUBG Mobile. The game offers in-app purchases of action items, but they appear to be for decorative purposes only and a large amount of money as in-game rewards. It’s new, so there are bug fixes, but they should be fixed over time. There are other great FPS games if this isn’t yours.
This is the newest game in the series. It includes 50 cars, lots of problems, and lots of content to play. This includes many webmasters, a player, and more. It uses an automated development system so you can’t control your speed. This annoys some actors. The design is beautiful and it is essential. It is a game of freemium. Therefore, the competitive edge of the online market may be small. Anyway, this musician is running fast.


Odyssey is a standard option for free Android games. It consists of simple staff, a beautiful display, and a relaxing style. Actors climb mountains and avoid problems and jump. There is also something you will find that you can sell for a lot of customization options. The game is based entirely on the wallpaper. They are simple, but effective in dark, bright colors that add a nice play. It’s free to download and play with limited ads. There are purchases in the app, but they are all here for privacy, so it’s a collection of options and has no impact on the game. He was a friend to a funny boy.


Critical Ops is one of the newest archery shooters and is one of the best. With that name, you have to fight terrorists in many parts of the city or you can play with terrorists if you want. It has many online gambling communities where you and your friends can play. It’s also an ongoing process, but it seems to remove all signatures and update them regularly.


Brawl stars is the new game from Supercell. Aan brawler has multiplayer online games and MOBA content. Players enter the game with some of their teammates, fight opponents, and try to win. There are a few game modes including direct fight mode, the way you collect crystals, the prediction mode where you will steal an opponent’s property, and the favored mode where you defeat specific opponents on the team. It looks like a Supercell game and this is the best. Supercell also produces Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and Boom Beach. All of this can be as simple as this if you like Clash Royale or Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. You can find more Beat’em ups here if you want more.
ith annual releases for many games including Madden NFL Overdrive, FIFA Football, NBA Live Mobile, EA Sports UFC, and more. All of these games have similarities. You can play real games and there are simulation engineers in all of these games. The pictures are beautiful and the controls are great. However, EA games contain powerful elements of freemium. This is a concern for many players, and it is difficult to recommend EA at all. Unfortunately, EA is the only developer to make games for most games, so you make them better by default. Beautiful football games are here and future sports are here. You can also watch the best baseball games here, golf games here, soccer games here, and basketball games here.


Legend of Runetera is the newest game in the series. It is a game similar to Hearthstone (another free game). Players collect cards, make sticks, and fight until someone wins. Choose a rooster, build a ground around it, and that helps define your strategy. Is very much like the game leader in Magic: Meeting. It is also a new mobile game from Riot Games, the creator of the very popular Legends League. Their other mobile interactions include Teamfight Strategies (a good free game), as well as their mobile version of League of Legends. So, there are other great sports games out there as well.


Genshin Effect, is an amazing record that is extremely positive. It is a mixture of RPG and application. It has a lot in common, including entertainment and many peers to meet. So, these are just a few of the issues that have come up in the new world of openness and contenting. Pictures and games. What’s more, you can play with people on PS4, iOS, and PC. It’s a really good game


Nintendo is a simple solution for free Android games. They have sports in a variety of different styles and most of them take advantage of the nostalgia atmosphere. Other Nintendo themes include Dragalia Lost, Fire Sign: Heroes, Mario Kart Tour, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Pocket. There is also the game of Dr. Mario World of the World if you like puzzles. Each game is done neatly with a smooth play and graphic design. Few games, like the Mario Kart Tour, have a bit of a hassle with its free tools, but otherwise, Nintendo does a great job of providing a great experience. Of course, we recommend Fire Heroes for lovers of strategy RPGs in particular. Interestingly, the Mario Kart Tour has a huge second-hand launch at any time after Call of Duty.


Pocket city is the latest version of SimCity that can handle Android. The game started as one of the other builders. There are ideas that guide the environmental system and mp to plan profunda de la que hacer un seguimiento. The free version has no functionality and no new style and no reviews. Chinese embargo, na mayoría de las funciones adicionales son solo eso, more, and can make a great free game without money. This is easily one of the best games on Android at the moment, along with being a no-brainer.


Pokemon is the biggest mobile game of 2021. It is of course the biggest of all time. Although its popularity has declined a bit, the game has been a very strong choice. Players can explore the real world around them by taking Pokémon, downloading Games, and discovering PokéStops. New additions include Legendary Pokémon, Raid Wars, Trainer Wars, and more. You can sell Pokemon in the game now. The game continues to evolve beyond what most people remember. When the work is finally done, it will be one of the best phone games of all time. It is at the top of the list of the best true games.

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4 ways To delete Android Apps On an Android Device



Photo Credit : Pixabay

Latest Android telephones and tablets transport with more stockpiling than any other time, which makes it all-around simple to stack them up with applications and never stress a lot over eliminating them.

Keep that up for a long time and you will run out of extra room in the end, however. Furthermore that, some applications will keep on running behind the scenes and hoard your framework assets regardless of whether you seldom open them, so it’s consistently a smart thought To delete Android Apps On an Android Device gadget every so often.

There’s another explanation you should erase applications from an Android gadget: bloatware. Some telephone producers transport gadgets stacked with their email, informing, and schedule applications, also outsider applications and games that they incorporate of course.

Large numbers of these you’ll have the option to uninstall – however remember that some framework applications are difficult to erase. Try not to stress however, we’ll likewise tell you the best way to incapacitate them, and now and again shroud them as well, so you can pretty much neglect they’re even there.

On the off chance that your need is recovering extra room, erasing applications is an extraordinary space to begin, yet for additional tips look at our full manual for clearing space and getting more stockpiling on Android. In case you’re attempting to dispose of an application that you stress incorporates an infection, ensure you additionally read our manual for eliminating an Android infection, as erasing the application may just be the start.

Step by step instructions 4 ways To delete Android Apps On an Android Device

1.Technique one: Uninstall applications through Settings

Android comes in heaps of various forms, however, this strategy for erasing applications is ensured to chip away at totally any Android gadget. It additionally allows you to see a full rundown of all your applications en route as well, so it’s an extraordinary methodology in case you’re on an advanced spring clean.

Open Settings: Open the Settings application from the machine gear-piece symbol that will be found on the home screen, in the application plate, or on the drop-down notice bar at the highest point of the screen.

Open Apps: Scroll down to the segment marked ‘Applications’, or possibly ‘Applications and notices’. Inside that, you’ll at that point need to choose ‘See all applications’, ‘Oversee applications’, or something like arrive at a full rundown of your introduced applications. Peruse the rundown of introduced applications to track down any that you presently don’t wish to keep on your gadget.

Select an application and pick ‘Uninstall’: Having found an application you presently don’t require, select it to get to the App data page, at that point tap ‘Uninstall’.

Eliminate an Android application from settings

Assuming you don’t see an ‘Uninstall’ choice, that implies this is a framework application that you’re not ready to eliminate from your telephone or tablet. You will not have the option to uninstall it utilizing our different techniques either, however, you may in any case have the option to cripple or conceal it.

3. Strategy two: Uninstall from the home screen

In case you’re attempting to uninstall a particular application, it very well might be faster to do it directly from the home screen easy route.

Select the home screen alternate route: From the home screen, tap and hold the alternate route for the application you wish to uninstall, at that point drag it to the highest point of the screen

Simplified the alternate way onto ‘Uninstall’: If an Uninstall choice shows up, drop the application symbol on top of it

Not all Android gadgets support this, but rather give it a go-to discovery.

Eliminate Android application from the home screen

Note that you may see a ‘Eliminate’ alternative rather than, or just as, ‘Uninstall’. This will just eliminate the application symbol from the home screen, not erase it. You can confirm this by opening the application cabinet and finding the application easy route gazing back at you

3. Strategy three: Delete applications from the application cabinet

If your telephone or tablet will not let you uninstall applications from the home screen, it will allow you to do it from the application cabinet – the assortment of all your applications that is normally available by swiping up from the focal point of your home screen.

Precisely as you just attempted in technique two with the home screen, tap and hold an application symbol from inside the application plate and drag it to the highest point of the screen to see whether an ‘Uninstall’ alternative shows up. On the off chance that it does, drop the application alternate route on top of this choice to eliminate it from your gadget.

You may likewise see an ‘Uninstall’ choice spring up directly over the application symbol when you long-press it, this fluctuates by Android variant.

Similarly, as with strategy one, some applications will not offer a uninstall choice here – these are framework applications that lamentably can’t be introduced.

4. Strategy four: Uninstall applications through Google Play Store

The last method to uninstall applications from your Android telephone or tablet is to invert the establishment methodology. Thus, open Google Play, peruse the application being referred to.

Where you may hope to see ‘Introduce’, you ought to rather see ‘Uninstall’ if it’s an application that you’re ready to eliminate.

Uninstall Android application from Google Play

This is the best methodology in case you’re uninstalling an application that is quite working, however need to reinstall it thereafter, as you’ll as of now be on the correct page to do as such.

The most effective method to incapacitate or cover-up applications you can’t uninstall

Some framework applications can’t be uninstalled utilizing the above strategies – you essentially will not see the ‘Uninstall’ choice show up regardless of what you do. This lovely normal for fundamental applications like your telephone’s camera or informing applications, yet can even reach out to things like the schedule and mini-computer.

On certain telephones, you may have alternatives to diminish the effect of these applications, however, regardless of whether you can’t uninstall them.

First up, if you follow strategy one, you may see a ‘Cripple’ alternative. By debilitating the application you keep it from running and utilizing framework assets, however, know that this may break a few highlights of your telephone. If you discover something doesn’t work as expected accordingly, return to this page and snap the ‘Empower’ catch to switch it back on.

Impair application Android

Regardless of whether you can’t completely impair the application, this screen may give you different choices to decrease its impression on your telephone. You might have the option to clear the application’s information reserve or capacity to save some space; limit its information use to stop it from hoarding your transfer speed, or uninstall updates to move it back to a more seasoned (and more modest) variant.

Contingent upon your telephone image, you may likewise have the option to cover up applications from your application cabinet without crippling them – this will not eliminate the applications or stop them running, however will stop them from occupying a room in your application cabinet.

The specific way to deal with this fluctuates by producer, so the most effortless thing to do is to look in the Settings application for the particular device: Hidden Space on a OnePlus, Hide applications on a Samsung Galaxy, PrivateSpace on a Huawei, and App Lock on a Xiaomi.

On the off chance that your telephone is by another producer, it might not have a covered-up application highlight or may utilize an alternate name for it.

Instructions to eliminate applications from your Google Play library

Indeed, even once an application has been erased from your gadget, you’ll, in any case, discover it in the Google Play store in the ‘Library’ tab of the ‘My applications and games’ segment.

This doesn’t imply that the application is introduced on any of your gadgets – it essentially implies it’s connected to your record, which is significant if it’s a paid application that you should introduce again later on.

Eliminate Android application from Google Play library

If you realize that you will not have any desire to utilize the application again and need to clean up this library as well, basically click the cross on the option to eliminate any application from your record.

Instructions to eliminate application easy routes

At times an application easy route on the home screen will get out of hand and gotten inert, and when this happens you would truly prefer not to erase the application however the alternate way itself.

As referenced above, you can do this utilizing a similar methodology referenced in our second strategy above, yet choosing ‘Eliminate’ rather than ‘Uninstall’.

Erase the application easy route from the home screen by hauling it to the top of the screen and dropping it on top of the Remove alternative. You would then be able to supplant the easy route by finding the application in the application cabinet, and tapping and holding it to duplicate it to the home screen.

On the off chance that the application or easy route is as yet causing issues, you ought to uninstall and reinstall the application from the Google Play Store.

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